Business writing

Reports with polish. Proposals with punch.

A business writer creates all those bits of writing that keep an organisation running: reports, proposals, policy and strategy documents, even the good old staff newsletter.

We all know how important these things are to any company. But with staff to manage, inboxes to wrestle and meetings to attend, chances are you’re not giving your business publications the time or resources they deserve.

That’s a problem. But it’s one that I can help you fix.

Why I’m the right business writer for your organisation

I care about good communication. I mean, really care. Words are my passion, and I want to make sure your organisation is using the right ones to get your message across.

That’s why my business writing is:


Clear and concise

Your readers are busy people. They don’t want to waste time deciphering page after page of dense, convoluted text.

I stick to the principles of plain English to produce publications that are clear, straightforward and as brief as possible.

A jargon-free zone

Buzzwords and bureaucratic jargon muddle your message, remove meaning and can even make you seem less trustworthy.

If you’re determined to tell the world how you ‘synergised your mission-critical strategic delivery channels’ then you need a professional business writer more than you think.

Written for your audience

Trying to convince funders to invest in your brilliant idea? Need to get employees excited about a new initiative? Or maybe you just want to tell the public about your outstanding results over the past 12 months?

Different audiences have different requirements for content, style and tone. I’ll work with you to understand your audience’s expectations and create documents that speak specifically to them.

Gently persuasive

Sometimes business writing needs to convince the reader – think a grant application, an awards submission, a proposal for your board or a prospectus for potential investors. That’s when I can use a few tricks from my copywriting toolkit to create a persuasive narrative that wins your audience over.


Professionally polished

I’ll follow your organisation’s house style and check and double-check all spelling, grammar and punctuation.

And if you don’t have a company style manual, I can help you create one – they’re fantastic for maintaining your business’s professional image.

What’s this ‘business storytelling’ everyone’s talking about?

Humans are hard-wired to respond to stories. It’s why we tune out when someone starts reciting facts during a presentation but sit up and listen when they launch into a personal anecdote.

Savvy business leaders have learned to take advantage of this by using stories in a business context. Case studies, corporate histories, staff profiles and product testimonials all have a strong storytelling element, but often the people writing them aren’t natural storytellers.

Luckily, I am. Because as well as being a copywriter and business writer, I write stories for one of the least forgiving audiences on earth – children. And while there might be a pretty big difference between a six-year-old and a CEO, the skills I use to write compelling children’s books are also effective at capturing and enhancing the real-life stories that define your organisation.

Whether you’re documenting your company’s memorable moments, sharing the inspiration behind a new product or creating a captivating funding presentation, I can help you harness the power of storytelling for your business.

What can I write for your organisation?

Pretty much anything that involves words. Here are a few examples:

  • Reports
  • Grant applications
  • Tender applications
  • Proposals
  • Submissions
  • Policy and strategy documents
  • Business plans
  • Position descriptions
  • Staff profiles
  • Company profiles
  • Capability statements
  • Press releases
  • Prospectuses
  • Mission statements
  • Awards submissions
  • Case studies
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Intranet content
  • Manuals and procedures
  • Corporate histories

My business writing portfolio

Many of my business writing projects are commercial-in-confidence, so you won’t find them in my public portfolio. But the business documents I’ve written or edited over the past couple of years include:

  • Two corporate plans and numerous smaller reports for Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne’s largest water utility
  • Several successful research grant applications, earning the University of Melbourne and Australian National University more than $3 million
  • Video scripts to teach ANZ staff about new financial technology systems
  • A book of staff stories to commemorate a major Yarra Valley Water corporate milestone
  • A white paper to persuade the board of a large organisation to combine two major business groups (spoiler alert – it worked)
  • A complete web strategy for the Clean Energy Council
  • Multiple awards submissions. Most of these either won or were shortlisted for major national and international business awards
  • The standard operating procedures (SOP) manual for one of Australia’s leading day spa networks.

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