Take your documents from good to great.

Hyphenation giving you a headache?

Need to trim a few thousand words from a document without losing any information?

Or maybe you’re just not communicating with your audience as effectively as you’d like?

It’s time to call in a professional content editor.

I’ve been editing brochures, web pages, reports, funding applications and academic papers for years. I squash spelling and punctuation errors like bugs and have a whole suite of techniques to improve the structure, clarity and flow of your writing.

I’ll ensure your text is well crafted, easy to read and guaranteed to satisfy the grammar perfectionist in your life.

I offer a few different levels of editing:


Light copyedit

Spelling, grammar and punctuation fixes only. I’ll ensure your text is grammatically correct but won’t suggest any rewrites or make changes to content or style. This is a good option for documents that have already been edited but need a final polish.


Full copyedit

This is where I make sure your text is clear, correct and consistent. I’ll check all spelling and punctuation, fix grammatical issues and suggest ways to rewrite any sentences or paragraphs that are weak or unclear. This stage can also include crosschecking of footnotes, references and the table of contents.

Structural edit

A high-level edit that focuses on the document as a whole. It covers tone of voice, overall structure, appropriateness for the target readership and a few other things. My suggestions at this stage may involve partial rewrites, deletions and strategies for restructuring.

Structural editing doesn’t usually deal with the finer details of grammar and punctuation.


Looking for someone to give your document a final check before it goes to print? You might be interested in my proofreading services.

Not sure how much editing you need?

Please contact me for my thoughts as well as a no-obligation free quote.

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