Extraordinary error checking.

Why you need a professional proofreader

A few years ago I was hired to proofread a travel brochure that was about to go to print. The brochure looked great, with jaw-dropping full-page photographs and beautifully written copy.

The description for one Buenos Aires apartment mentioned the property’s outstanding location. But because of an unfortunate typo, the apartment was instead described as having ‘outstanding lactation’!

An automated spellchecker can’t pick up that type of error. And this brochure had already been edited and checked by multiple people, who had all missed the mistake. But thanks to some eagle-eyed proofreading from yours truly, the company avoided what could have been a pretty humiliating situation.

Small errors can have serious results

Mistakes in your published documents are embarrassing at best and incredibly costly at worst (you don’t even want to think about the cost of pulping and reprinting a large brochure run).

To pick up any problems before going to print, the best thing you can do is hire a professional proofreader.

What a good proofreader will do

A professional proofreader will put your mind at ease by:

  • Finding and highlighting the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in your final text
  • Ensuring all text is consistent with your organisational style guide (if you have one)
  • Looking for layout issues such as extra or missing spaces, inconsistent indentation and widows and orphans.
  • Checking the little things that often get missed – things like picture and table captions, page numbers, list styles and whether fonts are consistent.
  • Marking up the required changes on hardcopy proofs or as an annotated PDF.

Don’t put weeks of effort into a document only to be undone by a sneaky typo. Get in touch to find out more about my proofreading services.

Want to find the errors before your readers do?

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